My Love for the Book of Job


Since some experiences in 2012 that deconstructed my faith and created a big shift in my approach to life, I’ve fallen in love with the Psalms in the Bible, and also the book of Job. During that year I had an experience with the book of Job at a monastery. That experience has imprinted it within me and the impression it …

Poverty is About More than Choices


There is currently an image doing the rounds on Facebook that depicts an overweight women holding two beautiful children. I won’t name the women or show the photo because I don’t know how true the story is and I don’t want to shame her here. True or not, this is the blurb that goes with the photo An obese mother-of-two …

Lesson Learned at Whammy Bar

Whammy Bar

Friday night was an experience for me. RJ, a good friend, had organised a gig at The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar to fund-raise for TEAR Fund’s work of supporting  a small Baptist church in Gaza as they do their best to help those around them in need. It’s an issue RJ is passionate about and I’ve got a lot …

John Wesley on Slavery

If therefore you have any regard to justice, (to say nothing of mercy, nor of the revealed law of GOD) render unto all their due. Give liberty to whom liberty is due, that is to every child of man, to every partaker of human nature. Let none serve you but by his own act and deed, by his own voluntary choice. Away with all whips, all chains, all compulsion! Be gentle towards men. And see that you invariably do unto every one, as you would he should do unto you.

Celebrating Saint Jerome


Adjoining one of my favourite places on earth, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, is another stunning church, the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria. The latter, because it’s easier to do so, is one where I’ve spent much time in silent prayer and contemplation when I have visited the holy land. Once, when I was trying to pray …

Introducing Strahan Coleman


Today I want to tip my hat to a friend I had a chance to catch a brief chat with this morning. Strahan Coleman is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s amazing, yet understated, musicians. He oozes talent, but also humility. With his music, Strahan captures a timeless feel because it’s in his bones, not because it sells albums or packs …