The Seduction of Power

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This is written in The Message as the opening to the introduction for Nahum: The stage of history is large. Larger-then-life figures appear on this stage from time to time, swaggering about, brandishing weapons and money, terrorizing and bullying. These figures are not, as they suppose themselves to be, at the center of the stage – not, in fact, anywhere … Read More

Penal Substitution and the Trinity

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Penal Substitution

Recently I was part of a conversation that related to an avoidance of the orthodox Christian understanding of God as Trinity, yet maintained an affirmation of penal substitution, an idea that fits within the wider umbrella of substitutionary atonement. I won’t go into lengthy explanations of these things, so feel free to use the link to find out more. At first glance a denial … Read More

What Church Success Looks Like for Me

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Recently I was asked why I was working on gathering a faith community, Commoners, in Hamilton when it’s obvious to some that if I did the same thing in Auckland I could probably have something that would fit the traditional definitions of reasonable success fairly quickly. It’s probably true. I’m sure that if I did in a central Auckland space, … Read More

Their Fear

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The other morning I got up before sunrise to go for a walk/jog (mostly walk). Being up before sunrise isn’t unusual for me, but it’s the first time I had ever got up so early for that purpose. I put my cap on to soak up the sweat that I knew was coming once my heart-rate got up, strapped my phone … Read More

In the Desert

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This is a stream of consciousness poem I penned a while ago. It feels right for this first Sunday of Lent. I drank deeply of the wine that gushed from the bread they stabbed. it flowed Death, life, One. One body. One bread. I knelt, lit the candle, incense swirling. Breathe deeply. Exhale. Inhale Spirit, breath of the Holy One. … Read More

Why the Empty Tomb Matters

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I’ve had a train of thought about the empty tomb and risen Jesus on my mind recently. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has been sparked by the ISIS desire to destroy in order to usher in some sort of bloody (in the literal and figurative sense of that word) end-times battle. I don’t know, but the thought has been giving … Read More