I split my time across many different organisations but mostly serve three. I work part-time running Media Chaplaincy New Zealand, jumping into the lives of people who work in the news media with the offer of being there to laugh, lament, and get into the journey with them through personal and professional support. You can find out more about that here.

I also serve part-time with a Christian international aid and development agency supporting and resourcing local organisations in the developing world who are serving the poor in their communities. It is an honour to partner with all of them and witness the innovative work they do and their commitment to it.

Alongside both of those I Pastor a worshiping faith community in Hamilton, New Zealand – Commoners. Check it out and come and join us for one of our Sunday gatherings if you are ever in the area.

I live in Hamilton (the city of the future) with my amazing wife who works as a speech and language therapist, and our beautiful daughter. Our daughter has a blog about humpback whales. You should check it out. I like trying my hand at photography, and I have a thing for coffee.

I am an ordained minister within the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand and am extremely proud of the Wesleyan history of working out God’s justice in the world on issues like slavery, prison reform, labour reform, civil rights and the list goes on.

I’m a Jesus loving, scripture adoring evangelical who feels most at home with liturgy, silence and ritual (I feel right at home in big, old cathedrals). I have a broad love of the beliefs and ideas of others. I love interacting with and learning from people of other religions (or non-religions). I get a kick out of candles, icons, incense and prayer kneelers. I reckon any idea of salvation that’s just about my soul going to heaven is too small. I want to experience the Divine and engage in practices that open me up to God moving, transforming and shaping me so that I can better participate in the divine story of redeeming and reconciling all of creation.