Leviticus, Spewing, and Tamaki

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There’s a lot of understandable rage being spewed in the direction of Brian Tamaki yet again following comments of his in a recent sermon that has been made public. Those comments connected bits of Genesis and Leviticus to earthquakes in Aotearoa New Zealand and blamed such natural disasters on the actions of people. When people have lost their livelihoods and … Read More

Why the Empty Tomb Matters

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I’ve had a train of thought about the empty tomb and risen Jesus on my mind recently. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has been sparked by the ISIS desire to destroy in order to usher in some sort of bloody (in the literal and figurative sense of that word) end-times battle. I don’t know, but the thought has been giving … Read More

A Good Way to Read and Apply the Bible

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I’m a minister, not a Bible scholar (though a minister must have some basic tools for reading, interpreting, and applying scripture) but I was involved in a discussion recently where ‘progressive revelation’ (in relation to the Bible) was used to argue the case for a changing approach to a certain hot-button issue. From what I could gather, the understanding of … Read More

Christianity as Story

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This week, thanks to an invitation from Russell Brown, I had the privilege of appearing as a panelist for Media Take on Maori TV to discuss NewsLeads within the framework of a show on the place of religion in media and society. It was an interesting show. I’m honoured to have been a part of it and personally I’m really … Read More

Psalm 137: Unbridled Anger

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Psalm 137

Psalm 137 has some of the most recognisable lines of any of the Psalms. Its opening was made popular through the rather cheery sounds of Bony M back in the day, and its closing words are often used to demonstrate the horror of the Bible. Firstly, while I kind of like the Bony M tune for Rivers of Babylon, it … Read More

My Love for the Book of Job

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Since some experiences in 2012 that deconstructed my faith and created a big shift in my approach to life, I’ve fallen in love with the Psalms in the Bible, and also the book of Job. During that year I had an experience with the book of Job at a monastery. That experience has imprinted it within me and the impression it … Read More

Celebrating Saint Jerome

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Adjoining one of my favourite places on earth, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, is another stunning church, the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria. The latter, because it’s easier to do so, is one where I’ve spent much time in silent prayer and contemplation when I have visited the holy land. Once, when I was trying to pray … Read More