Devotional Time for the Busy Life

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Devotional Time

I’m on a mission to help people slow down and to carve out space to simply ‘be’ in a world that pulls us into constant distraction, busyness and the pursuit of elusive forms of success that involve constantly moving and chasing the things that are always just out of reach. To get there I’m a big fan of helping people … Read More

Where is God in the Ordinary?

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God in the Ordinary

In our life at Commoners Wesleyan Community we champion the presence of God in the ordinary. Ordinary Time in the Church calendar is a significant part of who we are. In a world that’s about noise, hype, the pursuit of bigger and better, and where so many expressions of spirituality are seeking lights, cameras, and action I believe we’re in … Read More

At the Heart of my Freedom is…

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This morning I had breakfast with a great guy whose journey I really appreciate. During our conversation I shared some of my life story. Whenever I do that it always causes me to look at who I am now and the life I live, and it leaves me feeling extremely grateful. When I was young I couldn’t have imagined the … Read More

When the ‘Other’ Becomes ‘Brother’

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In June 1976, Syrian troops entered into Lebanon and kicked off 29 years of an oppressive occupation that ended in 2005. The pretext was a civil war that many believe the Syrian regime had fomented in order to take control of the country. Lebanon’s lush Beqaa Valley was the staging ground for the entry of Syrian troops that would lead to … Read More

The Common Sanctuary Episode 5: The Ethical Fashion Guide

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Ethical Fashion Guide

Tearfund New Zealand has partnered with Baptist World Aid in Australia to release a New Zealand version of the Ethical Fashion Guide. For Episode 5 of The Common Sanctuary I took the opportunity to catch up with Dr Murray Sheard about the guide and the impact it can have. You can get your free copy of the Ethical Fashion Guide … Read More

The Common Sanctuary Episode 4: Cardinal John Dew

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Cardinal John Dew

Following Resurrection Sunday, this episode of The Common Sanctuary features an interview I did with His Eminence, Cardinal John Dew, Archbishop of Wellington. I have a lot of respect for Cardinal John Dew, so it was an honour to have some time to chat and hear his thoughts on New Zealand, the Church and the relevance of the Easter story. … Read More