A Couple of Auckland Shots

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Auckland 2 sml

Auckland 3 sml

  • Christie Frizzelle Chandler

    I think it’s a very good idea. My only exposure to the practice of Ramadan was during a year I spent in prison years ago. like twenty yrs ago. I always wondered what they were doing. I’ve told you before I believe that I struggle with other religions being wrong, and Christianity being the only right way. It’s the only right way for me because it’s how I was raised. I could have been born Muslim. I’ve often wondered if God chooses to express himself in different ways to different cultures or if our culture’s make up interpret Him differently. I’ll be waiting to see how this experience goes for you. I’m intrigued to see your results after. This will take great discipline as I’ve learned through fasting. I’ve never been so hungry as when I’ve decided to abstain to pray instead and study God’s Word. You certainly have my prayers.

  • I just tried to like this post and realised rather reluctantly that Facebook owns me. Very nice shots though – love the Harbour Bridge.

    • That’s why I use the Disqus commenting system – the little up arrow on comments in the equivalent of a ‘like’ 🙂