Engaging the Exercises of Saint Ignatius

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Further to my earlier post about desiring the mystical, I have chosen Larry Warner’s book, Journey with Jesus as what I am going to be using to work through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in my daily life.

One of the things it highly recommends is a connection to a Spiritual Director to help guide the participant through the exercises while also providing feedback and direction. It strongly advises against doing the exercises without such a person To that end I have just contacted the St Francis Retreat Centre (not far from where I work) to inquire about the Spiritual Directors they provide.

Part of me is a little nervous about starting as I know it is going to involve discipline and effort and I don’t want to get part way in and fizzle out. That nervousness is also pregnant with excitement and a desire to start the journey and see where it goes. I guess having a spiritual director will negate some of my tendency to run out of steam part way in as I will be accountable to someone for what I am doing. I really do want to see this of thing become part of my life rhythm.