When the ‘Other’ Becomes ‘Brother’

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In June 1976, Syrian troops entered into Lebanon and kicked off 29 years of an oppressive occupation that ended in 2005. The pretext was a civil war that many believe the Syrian regime had fomented in order to take control of the country. Lebanon’s lush Beqaa Valley was the staging ground for the entry of Syrian troops that would lead to … Read More

Dear Journalists

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Dear New Zealand journalists, Over the last few months I have had a chance to sit down and have one on one conversations with a few of you across various news outlets. This has included people from print, television, radio, and online news. I’ve had that chance because I set up a simple little charity focused on stepping into life … Read More

Spare a Thought and a Prayer

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In my work in the media space I had a couple of friends who work with news stories, that commented to me recently on the latest video that has come from ISIS. It’s the one that depicts the brutal killing of more men in Libya. This time the victims are reported to be Ethiopian Christians. In the past I’ve chatted … Read More

Why NewsLeads?

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I’m a person who loves the Church (obviously) and I’m also a person who loves the media. I see the media as acting like a prophetic voice in our culture; speaking truth to power, critiquing our failings, celebrating our successes and putting a mirror up to who we are. I also think it’s fair to say that the media is … Read More

A Year of Slavery

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This evening I will be presenting my last talk for the year on the issue of human trafficking and slavery, specifically, sex slavery. In my work with TEAR Fund I have done many talks throughout the year on this issue, from all girls high-school classes, through to tonight’s presentation to a Rotary Club. I’ve spoken in schools, churches, on the … Read More

Poverty is About More than Choices

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There is currently an image doing the rounds on Facebook that depicts an overweight women holding two beautiful children. I won’t name the women or show the photo because I don’t know how true the story is and I don’t want to shame her here. True or not, this is the blurb that goes with the photo An obese mother-of-two … Read More