Syrian Conflict 101

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Syrian Conflict

Since the start of the current Syrian conflict in 2011 there are a number of times when I have been asked to appear on Christian radio stations that I am connected to in order to provide a basic understanding of what is happening in Syria, along with some thoughts on why it might be happening. Through my work with Tearfund … Read More

Evangelicals and The Mother of God

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Mother of God

For a while now I have been contemplating the title given to Mary (the mother of Jesus) that causes many of us evangelicals to break out in a cold sweat. It’s a title that makes us nervous, yet calling Mary the ‘Mother of God’ has been a mainstay for the majority of Christianity since the very early days of the faith, … Read More

Penal Substitution and the Trinity

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Penal Substitution

Recently I was part of a conversation that related to an avoidance of the orthodox Christian understanding of God as Trinity, yet maintained an affirmation of penal substitution, an idea that fits within the wider umbrella of substitutionary atonement. I won’t go into lengthy explanations of these things, so feel free to use the link to find out more. At first glance a denial … Read More

Their Fear

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The other morning I got up before sunrise to go for a walk/jog (mostly walk). Being up before sunrise isn’t unusual for me, but it’s the first time I had ever got up so early for that purpose. I put my cap on to soak up the sweat that I knew was coming once my heart-rate got up, strapped my phone … Read More

Don’t Let the ISIS Vision Win

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From the outset, allow me to say this very clearly. If you’re allowing terror attacks to justify speaking pejoratively of all Muslims; if you’re allowing fear to fuel acts of revenge and you are directing that revenge towards the Muslim community; if you’re allowing fear and anger to cause you to look sideways at Muslims, then you’re doing exactly what … Read More