Making Sense of Noah

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A little while ago I was sitting at the table with my wife and 8 year old daughter. It was dinner time and our daughter had her new Bible with her. It’s an NIV and she was excited about it because it’s her first full Bible, so she wanted to read some of it at the table. She decided she wanted to … Read More

On Stephen Fry’s Response to God

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I’ve been wary of sharing a response to Stephen Fry’s now famous comments in response to a question asking what he would say to God if he were to meet him at the pearly gates. My reason is partly because I don’t think it was that big a deal. He was asked a hypothetical question about a God he doesn’t … Read More

William Temple on Christianity & Social Order

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I haven’t read William Temple’s ‘Christianity and Social Order’ but there are excerpts from it in another book I am reading. Some of his thoughts caught my attention. Firstly he outlines what he thinks should be the Church’s impact on society. First, the Church should make its principles known. Secondly, in relation to society the Church should enable those who … Read More

Understanding the Dirty Politics NZSIS Saga

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Disclaimer: This isn’t the sort of thing I would normally comment on these days but I thought it might be helpful for some people if I throw a thought into the mix. This is my own opinion and not representative of any organisation or entity I am connected to. Trying to wade through the information, stories and opinions out there … Read More


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Disclaimer: This article is written purely from my personal perspective and is not in any way connected to the opinions of any organisations/entities I am affiliated with. Euthanasia/assisted suicide is rightly, a sensitive topic. Most of the discussion around euthanasia now focuses on the assisted suicide of people living in immense pain and what most would perceive as a low ‘quality of … Read More

Dear Granddad and Grandma

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Dear Granddad and Grandma, I don’t even know if that’s what I should call you as I’ve never had pet names for you, but it’s what I’ll work with for this letter. It may seem strange that I would be writing this to you. Firstly it might seem strange that it’s public but there is this big bit of me … Read More

Introducing Strahan Coleman

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Today I want to tip my hat to a friend I had a chance to catch a brief chat with this morning. Strahan Coleman is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s amazing, yet understated, musicians. He oozes talent, but also humility. With his music, Strahan captures a timeless feel because it’s in his bones, not because it sells albums or packs … Read More