The Wealthy Saviours?

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We have a problem in our society when we think that the best way to improve our communal well-being is for the wealthy to become wealthier and in so doing promote those in the upper socio-economic spheres as some sort of saviour class. I personally see it as an even bigger problem when Christians become the ones advocating that approach … Read More

My Faith Heroes

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I got asked today what inspired me to become a Minister (I won’t bother with the definition of that term and how it fits me since I don’t serve as a Pastor/Minister specifically within the local church capacity)… and I decided the answer to that question is less of a ‘what’ and more of a ‘who’. The answer is my … Read More

Why I Support Social Welfare

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are growing prejudices in our country targeted at those who receive a government benefit. Note, we’re not talking about subsidies in the agricultural industry, bail-outs for investors who took risks in finance companies that have failed or high income earners who shift their capital around in order to access government benefits – somehow … Read More

Superman for Tomorrow, a Priest, Jesus and Saving Humanity

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Recently I read Superman for Tomorrow, Volume 1. It’s a fascinating read and is largely set as a conversation between Superman and a young priest. It exists as a type of confession and addresses the question – ‘what happens when Superman fails?’ In the two part story of Superman for Tomorrow he fails to stop an act of global terror … Read More

ATH-M50 Headphones Review

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It’s about time I reviewed these bad boys since they have been in my posession for a little while now and I’ve had a chance to get to know them – Audio Technica’s ATH-M50 headphones. Cheers to Jansen for the chance to review them. My former job involved wearing headphones for long stretches at a time. It got me reasonably … Read More