The Tibetan Sand Mandala & My Faith

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While I’m (obviously) not Buddhist, but since seeing it in Samsara, an epic film, I have been quite taken with the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating coloured sand mandalas. I have found aspects of the sand mandala that deeply resonate with my own faith and the story of the world as I understand it. Working from the center, out, the … Read More

Lesson Learned at Whammy Bar

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Whammy Bar

Friday night was an experience for me. RJ, a good friend, had organised a gig at The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar to fund-raise for TEAR Fund’s work of supporting  a small Baptist church in Gaza as they do their best to help those around them in need. It’s an issue RJ is passionate about and I’ve got a lot … Read More

Embracing Simplicity

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Spiritual Disciplines

I was chatting on a radio station recently about TEAR Fund’s One Helping cookbook that has been put together with recipes from some of New Zealand’s best chefs, with all profits from the sale of the book going to help fund TEAR Fund’s partners who are working to combat human trafficking and slavery. The beauty of the cookbook is that … Read More

Party Politics Calls

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Recently I wrote an open letter to the New Zealand Labour Party that got a lot of attention – at least it was a lot of attention for this blog, which really isn’t saying much. Even still, it made some people take notice and that led to a few that I hold in high regard, suggesting that I should consider … Read More

Help Us Bring Freedom for Others

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From October 6th till October 10th there is an event taking place called Live Below the Line. It’s a tough but extremely worthwhile thing to be part of. The challenge of Live Below the Line is for individuals to cover all their food and drink costs with only $2.25 (or whatever amount it correlates to in your country’s currency) per … Read More

A Confession: Food and Me

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Yesterday I posted a picture of my new devotional journal on Instagram/Facebook. I had already started writing and reflecting on something in it. Because it’s rather personal I deliberately blurred out what I was writing about so it would be unrecognisable. Predictably I got some Facebook messages asking me what was on that page (aside from the obvious picture of … Read More

The Christian Art of War

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The title of this post is an oxymoron. That said, the argument of ‘just war’ theory seems to have become all pervasive in how we Christians respond to conflict and war. In public discussions we tend to (and this has been my pursuit far too often) approach stories of armed conflict by trying to determine which side is more justified … Read More