Why the Empty Tomb Matters

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I’ve had a train of thought about the empty tomb and risen Jesus on my mind recently. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has been sparked by the ISIS desire to destroy in order to usher in some sort of bloody (in the literal and figurative sense of that word) end-times battle. I don’t know, but the thought has been giving … Read More

Pause, Wait and Be Silent

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This time of year can be a mad rush. In Aotearoa New Zealand, Christmas sits within our summer holiday so all the arrangements of time off work, a long time off school and the festivities of Christmas and New Year all come together in a perfect storm. It can be stress central. Advent speaks to that. With only hours to … Read More

Telling the Christmas Story to Our Children

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Nativity Story

When we value the story of the birth of Jesus and the bigger Christmas story of the incarnation that it tells, the modern trappings of Christmas can seem daunting to any family that wants to tell that story and transfer its values to their children. It can be easy for the cultural consumerism to take over. From my limited experience … Read More

Revelation 21 – Wipe Away Their Tears

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Revelation 21

Three times a year TEAR Fund NZ puts out a publication called the Correspondent, which you can read online. In each of those I write a piece that we call a Biblical Snapshot. The aim of it is to expand on and explain some of the thinking behind the passages of scripture we use to underpin each of our major … Read More

Advent 2013 Second Sunday Reflection

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Advent 2013

Following each Sunday of Advent I’m catching up with Andrew Urquhart on New Zealand’s Rhema to talk about the theme for that week. Since Sunday was the second Sunday we talked about the theme of peace. You can listen to the chat below. Check out the other reflections for Advent 2013.

On Rhema for Advent

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Advent Nativity

Across the weeks of Advent I’ll be chatting with Andrew Urquhart on the Morning Show at New Zealand’s Rhema. We’ll be talking each Monday morning about the Advent theme for that week. On Monday we did an introductory chat about Advent. You can listen to it below. Note, there is a correction. I mentioned the ’40 days’ of Advent. I … Read More