At the Heart of my Freedom is…

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This morning I had breakfast with a great guy whose journey I really appreciate. During our conversation I shared some of my life story. Whenever I do that it always causes me to look at who I am now and the life I live, and it leaves me feeling extremely grateful. When I was young I couldn’t have imagined the … Read More

Telling the Christmas Story to Our Children

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Nativity Story

When we value the story of the birth of Jesus and the bigger Christmas story of the incarnation that it tells, the modern trappings of Christmas can seem daunting to any family that wants to tell that story and transfer its values to their children. It can be easy for the cultural consumerism to take over. From my limited experience … Read More

Psalm 7: Justice

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Psalm 7 is riddled with a sense of justice – that God does and will make things right, but David also exhibits the sense that if he has done something wrong then he shouldn’t get away with it. “God, if I’ve done what they say – betrayed my friends, ripped off my enemies – if my hands are really that … Read More

Psalm 1: His Law

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Today I started a commitment in my morning silence and devotion time to work my way through the Psalms, one each morning from the beginning to the end. My commitment during that time is to use an approach to reading more akin to Lectio Divina rather than my usual way of reading scripture. So it’s more like a contemplative form of … Read More

God, You are Our Beginning

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God, You are our beginning and you will be our end; we are made in your image and likeness. We praise and thank you for this day. This is the day on which you created light and saw that it was good. This is the day in whose morning light we discovered the tomb was empty, and encountered Christ, the … Read More

The Real Pledge of Allegiance

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Today is the election in the US. As Obama and the Catholic Church continue to battle around religious freedom in relation to contraception in healthcare provisions and as Romney holds to the blasphemous idea that America is the hope of the world, we remember who the real hope of the world is – the risen Christ. Christians, in all their … Read More

Participation in the Eucharist

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None should refrain from participation in the Eucharist because of their sin… they can confess & receive right before they take. In fact, I have found that the Eucharist is the best “altar call” in any church. Whenever I lead this portion of the service, I offer an opportunity to confess one’s sins and receive Christ as one receives his … Read More