At the Heart of my Freedom is…

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This morning I had breakfast with a great guy whose journey I really appreciate. During our conversation I shared some of my life story. Whenever I do that it always causes me to look at who I am now and the life I live, and it leaves me feeling extremely grateful. When I was young I couldn’t have imagined the … Read More

What is the Gospel?

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I was at a meeting today where this question formed one of the presentations. It’s also something I’ve been throwing around with our new CEO at TEAR Fund – what we believe it to be and the different ways it gets communicated. I’ve written on this before in a previous blog life and I may offer that at a later … Read More

Honouring a Good Friend

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On Sunday night I had the opportunity to visit Grace Vineyard in Christchurch. I went along to their CPIT Campus in the city, which is Pastored by my friend, Rocky Stocks (he’s in the middle of the above picture). I enjoyed it. Another good friend, Sam Harvey (in the front of the picture… and clearly that’s not me in the back), Pastors … Read More

Psalm 20: Where do we Place Our Trust?

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Psalm 20 reads like a benediction for the king of ancient Israel – a liturgical prayer to be used by the community. I can imagine David coming to the temple to offer sacrifices before a war and this being sung/spoken by the community, or maybe upon the coronation of a king. It calls for the king to be heard, protected, … Read More

We’re a Bit Sanctimonious

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I was reading an article written on the internet yesterday by someone who was having a go at the stuff in the Old Testament of the Bible that they didn’t like and that gave them reason to therefore discredit the whole of Christianity and the Christian story of the divine. It went through the violence and seemingly inhumane laws – … Read More

Which Bit of the Bible do You Struggle With?

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I’ve got a question for you, born from my own curiosity. I’m intrigued to know which part of the Bible you struggle with the most? Maybe it’s a piece that’s hard to believe, it makes you cringe, you wish it wasn’t in there – you decide. Believer or not, which part of it do you struggle with the most? Share … Read More

Pope Francis and Islam

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Many people are focused on the connection between the new Pope’s name (a great one) and the issue of poverty in the world. Indeed that is where Pope Francis has focused his attention in his early days as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church (and I applaud him for it greatly and the visible theology that underpins it), but … Read More