I’m Feeling Sadness, Despair, and Grief

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Last night I lost sleep over a situation unfolding in the world right now. I felt despair. It kept me awake and when I did fall asleep my dreams were troubled, picturing innocent people suffering. I feel sadness, despair, and am grieved for the people of Gaza. I also feel for my Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq … Read More

Say No to Peace

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A poem by Brian Wren Say not to peace, if what they mean by peace is the quiet misery of hunger, the frozen stillness of fear, the silence of broken spirits, the unborn hopes of the oppressed.

Syria: Where is it Heading?

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Recent reports around Syria have focused on all the international groups now entering the fight and who they are siding with. Most reports are dividing the factions along simplistic lines of Sunni and Shi’ite. My understanding of Islam is limited so I don’t properly understand this divide and would appreciate any knowledgeable readers who would be happy to take the … Read More

Escalation In Syria Deepens the Humanitarian Crisis

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I heard someone say recently something along the lines of ‘if you think you know what’s going on in Syria, you don’t understand it.’ The whole thing is a mess and a report following a meeting of the ‘Friends of Syria’ (a group that doesn’t include the friends of the current Syrian government) demonstrates the mess clearly as do statements … Read More

Prelude to Military Intervention in Syria?

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The polls are showing the American people don’t want to be directly involved in the Syrian conflict in a military capacity. I’m guessing not many other countries want to be directly involved in such a way either. Both sides of the conflict are accusing the other of using chemical weapons. Obama seems to be walking a very careful path in terms … Read More

Where’s Your Focus?

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Last night the New Zealand Parliament passed the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, giving same sex couples the right to marry. It is an issue that has divided the Christian community and taken much of its attention and resources. I want to make a call, let’s move on and refocus. There is a world that desperately needs us to … Read More

Rabbi Menachem Froman

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*What would you like to leave behind?* Peace. *If only you will succeed.* Praying, too. I live from prayer. A life of supplication. I told you. That is a life of a particular kind. For example, the main word used with respect to a life of supplication is “thank you.” I have strength. Thank you. The West Bank’s Rabbi Menachem … Read More