Psalm 15: Living With Integrity

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I’ve been looking forward to reaching Psalm 15 in my journey through a contemplative approach to this amazing book of prayers, poems and songs. I’m not a purist in how I treat my Bible. I make notes in it and have bits highlighted. There are critics who have a go at highlighting stuff in our Bibles because ‘it’s all the … Read More

2 Techniques for Christian Meditation

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In evangelical circles (of which I am a part) many people are cautious about the term Christian meditation as the latter part of the phrase is often associated with Buddhism or supposed ‘new age’ practices. For the average evangelical these are things to steer well clear of so people talking about Christian meditation are often given a wide berth. Instead … Read More

Psalm 14: Treating People Like Fast Food

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Reading Psalm 14 it’s verse 4 that caught my attention and specifically The Message rendering of it. The NIV says: “Do all these evil doers know nothing? They devour my people as though eating bread; they never call on the Lord” I have to admit that I would have glossed over the verse reading it like that, but The Message … Read More

We Need to Withdraw to Deserted Places

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Recently I heard a story about yet another burnt out church Pastor. In the face of that I want to talk about the need for deserted places. I make no assumptions about why that particular situation occurred. Whilst I’m not the leader of a local church or large ministry, it has still served to remind me of the importance of … Read More

Psalm 4: Joy in God, Not Things

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Psalm 4 opens with David calling out to God because he is in distress and then, from verse 2 onward it speaks to other people that he clearly wishes to challenge. The people he is challenging are delusional and chasing after things other than God. In verses 4-5 he calls them to a reverence before God – an inner examination … Read More

Psalm 1: His Law

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Today I started a commitment in my morning silence and devotion time to work my way through the Psalms, one each morning from the beginning to the end. My commitment during that time is to use an approach to reading more akin to Lectio Divina rather than my usual way of reading scripture. So it’s more like a contemplative form of … Read More

Jesus Withdrew

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But now more than ever the word about Jesus spread abroad; many crowds would gather to hear him and be cured of their diseases. But he would withdraw to deserted places to pray.  Luke 5:15-16 I love those verses. They’re so freeing! Many of us would use those circumstances to justify busyness and acting like martyrs for the cause in … Read More