What do you do to make an experience with God happen?

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This was a question asked of me on my former blogging platform. Here’s the answer I gave: That’s an interesting question. The short answer is, nothing. I can’t make an experience with God happen. But I guess you’re asking because you’ve read the stuff I’ve written here and here on the practice of silence and about the retreat I did … Read More

An Open Letter to Southern Star Abbey

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To the Monks and Companions of Southern Star Abbey, Words cannot truly express my gratitude to you for what I experienced with you last week, but I am going to try. The easiest way to explain why I was compelled to spend time with you is to say that I have recently felt a strong call, within my context, to … Read More

Practising Silence

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For the last few weeks I have properly engaged the practice of silence… or at least, I have devoted time to it and am attempting it. The time given is half an hour, followed by verbal prayer and then readings both from the Bible and other Christian spiritual writings. It totals an hour between 6 – 7am. For the extra … Read More