Why the Empty Tomb Matters

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I’ve had a train of thought about the empty tomb and risen Jesus on my mind recently. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has been sparked by the ISIS desire to destroy in order to usher in some sort of bloody (in the literal and figurative sense of that word) end-times battle. I don’t know, but the thought has been giving … Read More

The Story within a Story within a Story

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On Sunday night (Resurrection Sunday) I had a chat with Sam and Jax for their weekly Sunday night show, Total Recall, on Newstalk ZB. We chatted about the nature of the Easter story and what relevance it might have for now. It was a good chat and I loved the guy who called in first after the interview. They were … Read More

Palm Sunday and the Via Dolorosa

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Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which traditionally commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. I’m a big fan of the gospel of Luke and I adore the way he tells the story. He builds the scene in Luke 19 well, with the specific story of the entry beginning in verse 28. In Luke’s gospel people lay down their cloaks as … Read More

An Easter Thank You

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I look back over this Easter weekend and I want to thank some people because I’m feeling extremely blessed in what I get to do. Being thankful keeps my ego (my biggest weakness) in check because it reminds me that it’s not about me and also stops the rot of false humility and negative self talk (which is also unhealthy … Read More

Easter Saturday: The Day for the Rest of Us

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Lent and Easter are the most significant time of year for me. Together they draw me into a journey of reflection on my faith, my humanity, how I act in the world and how I relate to God. When I come out the other side of them I feel like I’ve started again and re-entered new life. It’s my real … Read More

Psalm 11: Standing our Ground

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Psalm 11 gives us David willing to stand his ground when everything seems stacked against him. He had people telling him to run to the hills because there were others out to destroy those who followed God. It sounds like the whole nation had been shaken. It would make sense to leave and chase after safety. How often are our … Read More

Psalm 9: Natural Consequence

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In Psalm 9 there is a specific piece that stood out to me in my contemplation with the passage this morning. There are interesting discussions to be had about whether or not Psalm 9 and 10 should be considered one unit or not. The argument for unity is founded in the fact that the two work together as an acrostic … Read More