The Orange Bull

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That orange bull rages Out of control Havoc in the china shop Panicked shoppers dive Antiques smash and crash He snorts and stomps and bucks Flatterers dodge and duck and weave and cry Who let him in? How to get him out? Chaos Flatterers Snug in their room out back They were Eating toffee cake Laughing noses in the air Pompous sniggering … Read More

An Open Letter to the NZ Labour Party

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Image Credit: Electoral Commission

Disclaimer: This letter is not connected in any way to any of the organisations/entities I serve and am connected with. It is my own personal opinion and I am speaking as myself. It is also not an indication of any personal connection to any political party. I am not a member of any party and view my role as a … Read More

The Ethic that Informs my Vote

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Psalm 28

With  tomorrow being the election in Aotearoa New Zealand to determine who our government will be for the next three years, I thought it worthwhile to make a statement about the overarching ethic that informs how I vote. It is an ethic that is intimately woven with, informed by, and inseparable from my Christian faith that is seated in the … Read More

The Real Pledge of Allegiance

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Today is the election in the US. As Obama and the Catholic Church continue to battle around religious freedom in relation to contraception in healthcare provisions and as Romney holds to the blasphemous idea that America is the hope of the world, we remember who the real hope of the world is – the risen Christ. Christians, in all their … Read More

Communion as a Political Act

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Gathering for Communion on Election Day seems fitting, for the practice of Communion is an inherently political act. It is both a pledge of allegiance to Jesus and a declaration of independence from all other powers making claims on our bodies, minds and souls. Far too often, the church has abandoned its first love for the siren song of political … Read More