Evangelicals and The Mother of God

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Mother of God

For a while now I have been contemplating the title given to Mary (the mother of Jesus) that causes many of us evangelicals to break out in a cold sweat. It’s a title that makes us nervous, yet calling Mary the ‘Mother of God’ has been a mainstay for the majority of Christianity since the very early days of the faith, … Read More

Rachel Held Evans on Millennials and the Church

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Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans has caused quite a stir with her article posted in CNN’s Religion section on why Millennials aren’t represented well in churches. It’s a discussion that interests many of us. Of course, the context is the US, but I think her main points carry across to New Zealand as well. This section of her article caught my attention.

Gay Marriage and Evangelicals

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This is not a statement for or against gay marriage and to be clear from the outset, I won’t be drawn into that discussion here. This post is just to publicly say that I’m dismayed at the response that’s raging to Rob Bell’s affirmation of gay marriage that declares he is outside of the evangelical stream of the Christian faith … Read More

A New Perspective for Evangelicals

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“What a lot of Christians don’t understand is the importance of realizing both people have legitimate connections to the land,” said Deatherage. “You don’t have to reconcile them; you have to appreciate that both peoples have legitimate desires to live in dignity and peace. A lot of people on both sides want to do that. Both sides have rejectionists who … Read More

Of Gods and Men

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In his careful consideration of his subjects, Beauvois shows compassion and respect for all of the characters and cultures involved—the monks, the community they served, even the enemies that the monks remembered in their prayers. Furthermore, by drawing our attention to the call that these men answered, Beauvois invites us to marvel at a faith that leads men to pray … Read More