Celebrating Small Churches

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I’ve heard from a few ministers who spend time speaking at big events that the two most common questions that church leaders ask each other in greenrooms at such events are ‘how many people does your church have?’ and ‘what’s your budget?’ The implication is that bigger is better and that these are the two main markers for success. The … Read More

For the Love of Holy Communion

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Holy Communion

Last night I curated the small liturgical Holy Communion service I do once a month. I went through an interesting process in the lead up to it, one that I go through from time to time. You see, last night, as with most nights I do it, it was a very small group. There were three adults (not including myself) … Read More

Psalm 25: Teach Me, for You are God

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I love the opening of Psalm 25 – “In you Lord my God, I put my trust.” Trust is an interesting concept. It involves humility. In an opening verse like that it implies some stuff. It says I don’t know everything and there are things I’m unsure about. It says there are things I can’t see in front of me … Read More

Psalm 20: Where do we Place Our Trust?

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Psalm 20 reads like a benediction for the king of ancient Israel – a liturgical prayer to be used by the community. I can imagine David coming to the temple to offer sacrifices before a war and this being sung/spoken by the community, or maybe upon the coronation of a king. It calls for the king to be heard, protected, … Read More

Interview with the Atheism Examiner

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robbellcom: Thanks to Staks for the great questions. Here’s the link:Interview: Rob Bell author of ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About God’  I appreciate this interview that The Examiner conducted with Rob Bell. It’s brief, but moves very quickly from the issue so many Christians are consumed by at the moment, into questions about what other issues there … Read More

Which Bit of the Bible do You Struggle With?

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I’ve got a question for you, born from my own curiosity. I’m intrigued to know which part of the Bible you struggle with the most? Maybe it’s a piece that’s hard to believe, it makes you cringe, you wish it wasn’t in there – you decide. Believer or not, which part of it do you struggle with the most? Share … Read More

Psalm 3: God’s Help in Times of Trouble

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Psalm 3 is usually attributed to David in the time when he was running from his son, Absalom (2 Samuel 15), so the opening words are fitting and I’m sure this wasn’t the only time as king that he expressed the same sentiment about having many enemies. I would imagine many in high positions have thought the same thing – … Read More