Lord, Have Mercy

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The poem I have written here is part of my emotional journey in dealing with the violence of ISIS through the lens of my own faith and my confusion around the whole issue. At the heart of my wrestle here is mercy. The poem is messy, but in it I am processing the contrast between ISIS and my own sense of spirituality … Read More

Lesson Learned at Whammy Bar

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Whammy Bar

Friday night was an experience for me. RJ, a good friend, had organised a gig at The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar to fund-raise for TEAR Fund’s work of supporting  a small Baptist church in Gaza as they do their best to help those around them in need. It’s an issue RJ is passionate about and I’ve got a lot … Read More

Psalm 29: God in the Thunder

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Psalm 29

Psalm 29 offers something powerful. It’s no secret that intentional and mindful silence is one of the central practices of my life. It can be too easy to associate that practice with a tame view of God – a safe view of God, and connect it to images such as those given in 1 Kings 19:12 where God is present … Read More

In the Stillness

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In the Stillness

There is a need for us to stop and pause in the stillness, silence, and the space of the contemplative. In so doing we allow God to work in us in such a way that as we step into our relationships with others and the world around us, they, in turn, can encounter the Divine. In this video Phileena Heuertz … Read More

Justice and Our Union with the Spirit

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I just read this in Tom Wright’s book ‘Simply Christian’ …the task of the church cannot be attempted without the Spirit. I have sometimes heard Christian people talk as though, having done what he’s done in Jesus, God now wants us to do our part by getting on with things under our own steam. But that is a tragic misunderstanding. … Read More

The Trinitarian Banquet

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I’m probably very late to the party with this, but I’m doing some work around the parable of the great banquet in Luke’s gospel (Luke 14:15-24) that must be read in conjunction with the account of Jesus at the Pharisee’s house that precedes it. I’m studying it as it forms the foundation of TEAR Fund’s next focus that runs across … Read More