What is the Gospel?

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I was at a meeting today where this question formed one of the presentations. It’s also something I’ve been throwing around with our new CEO at TEAR Fund – what we believe it to be and the different ways it gets communicated. I’ve written on this before in a previous blog life and I may offer that at a later … Read More

Easter Saturday: The Day for the Rest of Us

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Lent and Easter are the most significant time of year for me. Together they draw me into a journey of reflection on my faith, my humanity, how I act in the world and how I relate to God. When I come out the other side of them I feel like I’ve started again and re-entered new life. It’s my real … Read More

Are You Getting Prayer Right?

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I just read a post over at Not Ashamed of the Gospel. It’s about prayer. The basic idea in the post is that you should always put others before yourself when you pray. It offers an order for how we should prioritise things in prayer – “Father first, others second, you last.” It’s backed up by a good looking vid … Read More

Psalm 7: Justice

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Psalm 7 is riddled with a sense of justice – that God does and will make things right, but David also exhibits the sense that if he has done something wrong then he shouldn’t get away with it. “God, if I’ve done what they say – betrayed my friends, ripped off my enemies – if my hands are really that … Read More