Psalm 137: Unbridled Anger

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Psalm 137

Psalm 137 has some of the most recognisable lines of any of the Psalms. Its opening was made popular through the rather cheery sounds of Bony M back in the day, and its closing words are often used to demonstrate the horror of the Bible. Firstly, while I kind of like the Bony M tune for Rivers of Babylon, it … Read More

I’m Feeling Sadness, Despair, and Grief

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Last night I lost sleep over a situation unfolding in the world right now. I felt despair. It kept me awake and when I did fall asleep my dreams were troubled, picturing innocent people suffering. I feel sadness, despair, and am grieved for the people of Gaza. I also feel for my Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq … Read More

Pope Francis. Blessed are the Peacemakers.

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Pope Francis

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God Peace, in the biblical worldview, isn’t simply about the absence of conflict, it’s about everything being as it should be – everything in right relationship – right relationship with ourselves, each other, creation, and God, and then the flourishing life that springs forth from this. This is shalom/salaam. … Read More

Women’s Rights in Israel and Ultra Orthodox Jewish Protests

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Women's Rights

Islam is often painted as a culprit in terms of treating women poorly and in discussions around the Palestinian/Israeli conflict I’ve often heard people deride Palestinians because of poor assumptions about how women are treated and their place in the women’s rights discussion. Those poor assumptions are often just the flow on effect of another poor assumption – that all … Read More

Deuteronomy: An Introduction

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I’ve been doing a bit of work with Deuteronomy as we look to a passage within it as part of TEAR Fund’s next campaign. In my examination of the wider book I had a look at Eugene Peterson’s introduction to it in The Message. It’s superb and should leave anyone wanting to read more. I could try and summarise Peterson … Read More

Psalm 20: Where do we Place Our Trust?

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Psalm 20 reads like a benediction for the king of ancient Israel – a liturgical prayer to be used by the community. I can imagine David coming to the temple to offer sacrifices before a war and this being sung/spoken by the community, or maybe upon the coronation of a king. It calls for the king to be heard, protected, … Read More

Psalm 18: Because of God

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Psalm 18 is a repeat of the same song from David that appears in 2 Samuel 22. The preceding chapters in 2 Samuel give it context. David had just been through what was probably one of the most tumultuous times of his life and had dealt with a bunch of enemies, including some from his own family. It was a … Read More