Ignatian Spirituality and Wesleyan Spirituality

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Ignatian Spirituality

As someone who fits within the tradition of Wesleyan spirituality, for quite some time now I have been weaving prayer exercises that are central to Ignatian spirituality into my own spiritual rhythms and disciplines. I have found wonderful crossover between these two traditions and Ignatian practices have helped deepen my appreciation of the Wesleyan distinctives that captured me when I … Read More

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Wesleyan Methodist Communion: The Three Main Points

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Last night I had the wonderful chance to spend some time with my wife and three ministry colleagues who I value very much both as friends and colleagues. One of the things we ended up discussing was Holy Communion. We all agreed that it’s worthwhile for all Wesleyan Methodist congregations to understand how our denomination understands Communion. Allow me to … Read More

John Wesley: The Duty of Constant Communion

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The Duty of Constant Communion

John Wesley is one of my heroes of the faith and The Duty of Constant Communion is one of his most well known sermons. It would be easy to say John Wesley was ahead of his time, but in reality he was the right person for his time. His sermons struck a chord. His influence on the spectrum of Protestant … Read More

My Faith Heroes

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I got asked today what inspired me to become a Minister (I won’t bother with the definition of that term and how it fits me since I don’t serve as a Pastor/Minister specifically within the local church capacity)… and I decided the answer to that question is less of a ‘what’ and more of a ‘who’. The answer is my … Read More