Help Us Bring Freedom for Others

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From October 6th till October 10th there is an event taking place called Live Below the Line. It’s a tough but extremely worthwhile thing to be part of. The challenge of Live Below the Line is for individuals to cover all their food and drink costs with only $2.25 (or whatever amount it correlates to in your country’s currency) per … Read More

Justice and Our Union with the Spirit

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I just read this in Tom Wright’s book ‘Simply Christian’ …the task of the church cannot be attempted without the Spirit. I have sometimes heard Christian people talk as though, having done what he’s done in Jesus, God now wants us to do our part by getting on with things under our own steam. But that is a tragic misunderstanding. … Read More

The Philippines and Russel Norman’s Speech

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Russel Norman

Yesterday our Parliament gave party leaders an opportunity to offer their words to the Philippines in relation to the typhoon Haiyan tragedy that has crippled that nation – a tragedy the organisation I work for, TEAR Fund, and many others are responding to thanks to the generosity of so many New Zealanders. During that time in Parliament the usual and … Read More

Justice for the Rest of Us

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There are plenty of stories available about people doing amazing things, working to make the world a better place and enacting biblical justice – making things right. They’re stories that involve some of the darkest places in the world and some of the biggest atrocities. There are also the stories of those acting really self sacrificially around our own communities, … Read More

We Need You, God

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In a simple liturgy I was able to participate in recently – a liturgy to open a meeting – there was a line that stood out to me because it conveyed a simple truth that I think we all need to grasp, especially those of us whose lives revolve around our involvement in some of the world’s issues. It came … Read More

Living off Rubbish Dumps

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Yesterday, following the launch of TEAR Fund’s latest campaign (Pay it Forward, which will be public soon) we had the opportunity to hear one of our colleagues talk about her recent experience in India. She had visited areas that I visited while I was there in 2009 and she had captured some wonderful photos showing the beauty and dignity of … Read More

Honouring a Good Friend

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On Sunday night I had the opportunity to visit Grace Vineyard in Christchurch. I went along to their CPIT Campus in the city, which is Pastored by my friend, Rocky Stocks (he’s in the middle of the above picture). I enjoyed it. Another good friend, Sam Harvey (in the front of the picture… and clearly that’s not me in the back), Pastors … Read More