In the Desert

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This is a stream of consciousness poem I penned a while ago. It feels right for this first Sunday of Lent. I drank deeply of the wine that gushed from the bread they stabbed. it flowed Death, life, One. One body. One bread. I knelt, lit the candle, incense swirling. Breathe deeply. Exhale. Inhale Spirit, breath of the Holy One. … Read More

An Ash Wednesday Reflection

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T.S. Eliot

Today I want to give the floor to T.S. Eliot. It may happen a couple of times during Lent as his poetry is part of my Lenten discipline this year. Eliot has a poem titled Ash Wednesday, but this snippet is the opening stanza in Choruses From ‘The Rock’. It has captured my thinking for this holy day. The Eagle … Read More

Lent has Begun

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Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and marked the beginning of Lent even though, for many of us, the season really begins the day before with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday, before beginning the sombre journey of the 40 day lenten path to the cross. Ash Wednesday and the journey of Lent is something I am becoming known for and I’ve been … Read More

Easter Saturday: The Day for the Rest of Us

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Lent and Easter are the most significant time of year for me. Together they draw me into a journey of reflection on my faith, my humanity, how I act in the world and how I relate to God. When I come out the other side of them I feel like I’ve started again and re-entered new life. It’s my real … Read More

Without Death there can be no Resurrection

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But without death, there can be no resurrection. Without a desolate winter, spring loses its context. Without sorrow, joy lacks its poignancy. Without pain, we cannot embrace healing. The light will come soon, but for now, live with the darkness. Consider the shadow times of Lent as a necessary backdrop to offset the brilliance of the hope yet to come. … Read More