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Disclaimer: This article is written purely from my personal perspective and is not in any way connected to the opinions of any organisations/entities I am affiliated with. Euthanasia/assisted suicide is rightly, a sensitive topic. Most of the discussion around euthanasia now focuses on the assisted suicide of people living in immense pain and what most would perceive as a low ‘quality of … Read More

The Ethic that Informs my Vote

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Psalm 28

With  tomorrow being the election in Aotearoa New Zealand to determine who our government will be for the next three years, I thought it worthwhile to make a statement about the overarching ethic that informs how I vote. It is an ethic that is intimately woven with, informed by, and inseparable from my Christian faith that is seated in the … Read More

Celebrating Philemon

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In the Christian calendar today, St. Philemon is one of the saints to be celebrated. Tradition holds that Philemon was martyred in the city of Colossae in the first century – stoned to death with his wife, Apphia, by an anti-Christian mob. St. Paul’s letter to Philemon, which sits in the New Testament, was extremely brief but constituted something revolutionary … Read More

Disciplined Rhythms that Need Each Other

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This week I’ve gotten back on my bike to make my daily commute to and from the TEAR Fund office. It comes a month after being off it due to wanting to give my eye time to recover from surgery without subjecting it to the winter weather. Even before that though, my riding this year hasn’t been as consistent as … Read More

Psalm 15: Living With Integrity

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I’ve been looking forward to reaching Psalm 15 in my journey through a contemplative approach to this amazing book of prayers, poems and songs. I’m not a purist in how I treat my Bible. I make notes in it and have bits highlighted. There are critics who have a go at highlighting stuff in our Bibles because ‘it’s all the … Read More

We Need to Withdraw to Deserted Places

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Recently I heard a story about yet another burnt out church Pastor. In the face of that I want to talk about the need for deserted places. I make no assumptions about why that particular situation occurred. Whilst I’m not the leader of a local church or large ministry, it has still served to remind me of the importance of … Read More

The Problem Solving Jesus

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For people who don’t believe Jesus solves anything uniquely, Christianity is just a benign option. Sure, Jesus can get us through the day, motivate us to help with poverty, provide a social ethic, or resolve intellectual problems. But people use many things to get through the day (including coffee). Indignation motivates crusades against poverty. Pick your social ethic. Theory solves … Read More