Don’t Let the ISIS Vision Win

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From the outset, allow me to say this very clearly. If you’re allowing terror attacks to justify speaking pejoratively of all Muslims; if you’re allowing fear to fuel acts of revenge and you are directing that revenge towards the Muslim community; if you’re allowing fear and anger to cause you to look sideways at Muslims, then you’re doing exactly what … Read More

You are Chosen

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In the Name of Jesus

This time of year is a time where we celebrate a story of joy, underpinned by a theme of hope, but for many those two things – joy and hope – are not their reality. For many this time of year brings hardship. I don’t expect to be able to fully speak to that, but I was just reflecting on … Read More

My Black Friday in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Friday the 29th was Black Friday in the US – a time of ultimate consumption. It’s about sales galore and businesses driving retail to kick off the Christmas shopping and push their profits as high as they can get them. People respond in a frenzied fashion. In contrast is thanksgiving the day before and yesterday marked the beginning of Advent. … Read More

Justice for the Rest of Us

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There are plenty of stories available about people doing amazing things, working to make the world a better place and enacting biblical justice – making things right. They’re stories that involve some of the darkest places in the world and some of the biggest atrocities. There are also the stories of those acting really self sacrificially around our own communities, … Read More

For Bombing Victims Around the World

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If you’re the praying kind, take a moment to pray for the victims of bomb blasts that have made headlines so far in April. We pray for the victims of the car bomb that went off in central Damascus, Syria, killing 19 and injuring more than 50. We pray for the victims in the bus that was hit by a … Read More

Psalm 7: Justice

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Psalm 7 is riddled with a sense of justice – that God does and will make things right, but David also exhibits the sense that if he has done something wrong then he shouldn’t get away with it. “God, if I’ve done what they say – betrayed my friends, ripped off my enemies – if my hands are really that … Read More