Lesson Learned at Whammy Bar

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Whammy Bar

Friday night was an experience for me. RJ, a good friend, had organised a gig at The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar to fund-raise for TEAR Fund’s work of supporting  a small Baptist church in Gaza as they do their best to help those around them in need. It’s an issue RJ is passionate about and I’ve got a lot … Read More

Introducing Strahan Coleman

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Today I want to tip my hat to a friend I had a chance to catch a brief chat with this morning. Strahan Coleman is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s amazing, yet understated, musicians. He oozes talent, but also humility. With his music, Strahan captures a timeless feel because it’s in his bones, not because it sells albums or packs … Read More

Psalm 21: Turning to Praise

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Psalm 21, just like Psalm 20, was written for use by the people of Israel when they were gathered together but it makes a natural shift. Where Psalm 20 was a liturgical prayer written for the people to use together in prayer for the king, Psalm 21 offers God thanks and praise for what He has already done for the king. The … Read More