Understanding the Dirty Politics NZSIS Saga

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Disclaimer: This isn’t the sort of thing I would normally comment on these days but I thought it might be helpful for some people if I throw a thought into the mix. This is my own opinion and not representative of any organisation or entity I am connected to. Trying to wade through the information, stories and opinions out there … Read More

Party Politics Calls

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Recently I wrote an open letter to the New Zealand Labour Party that got a lot of attention – at least it was a lot of attention for this blog, which really isn’t saying much. Even still, it made some people take notice and that led to a few that I hold in high regard, suggesting that I should consider … Read More

An Open Letter to the NZ Labour Party

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Image Credit: Electoral Commission

Disclaimer: This letter is not connected in any way to any of the organisations/entities I serve and am connected with. It is my own personal opinion and I am speaking as myself. It is also not an indication of any personal connection to any political party. I am not a member of any party and view my role as a … Read More

Do We Have to be Spooked by Halloween?

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This post may seem a little strange to my United States readers where Halloween is a normal fixture appearing in the calendar each year and celebrated with fanfare, delight and not much of a second thought, but here in New Zealand it’s a recent introduction and it’s growing in popularity quickly. Many of us didn’t grow up with Halloween, so … Read More

Our Kids: Is the Problem Parenting or Poverty?

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Parenting or Poverty

That headline was the question being asked on TV3’s episode of The Vote last night where two teams are pitted against each other to discuss a moot. The moot of the evening was ‘Our kids: The problem’s not poverty, it’s parenting.’ As with any debate there was a team arguing in agreement with the moot and a team arguing against … Read More