Pope Francis. Blessed are the Peacemakers.

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Pope Francis

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God Peace, in the biblical worldview, isn’t simply about the absence of conflict, it’s about everything being as it should be – everything in right relationship – right relationship with ourselves, each other, creation, and God, and then the flourishing life that springs forth from this. This is shalom/salaam. … Read More

Women’s Rights in Israel and Ultra Orthodox Jewish Protests

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Women's Rights

Islam is often painted as a culprit in terms of treating women poorly and in discussions around the Palestinian/Israeli conflict I’ve often heard people deride Palestinians because of poor assumptions about how women are treated and their place in the women’s rights discussion. Those poor assumptions are often just the flow on effect of another poor assumption – that all … Read More

Rabbi Menachem Froman

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*What would you like to leave behind?* Peace. *If only you will succeed.* Praying, too. I live from prayer. A life of supplication. I told you. That is a life of a particular kind. For example, the main word used with respect to a life of supplication is “thank you.” I have strength. Thank you. The West Bank’s Rabbi Menachem … Read More

A New Perspective for Evangelicals

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“What a lot of Christians don’t understand is the importance of realizing both people have legitimate connections to the land,” said Deatherage. “You don’t have to reconcile them; you have to appreciate that both peoples have legitimate desires to live in dignity and peace. A lot of people on both sides want to do that. Both sides have rejectionists who … Read More

Wearing the Clerical Collar in the ‘Holy Land’

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I just got back from three weeks in Israel/Palestine. It was an amazing time to be there. I took in archaeological sites, churches and other holy sites’, listened to people’s stories, experienced protests in the West Bank and the tear gas used on the protesters, visited places where the conflict of that place hangs heavily in the air even when … Read More

That Pile of Spectacles

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This year (2012) has publicly brought to the fore some of my thinking around the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In my work promoting the efforts of Palestinian Christians my approach is both praised and criticised depending on the starting view of those hearing me. Naturally my critics see me as being anti-Israel, especially when I critique policies of the Israeli government that … Read More

The Photo I Didn’t Get

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When I visited the old section of Hebron in the West Bank, there was a photo I could have got but didn’t and I’m happy about it. That part of Hebron is one of the flash-points for the conflict. It has it all – a significant holy site for both Jews and Muslims, illegal Jewish settlements housed by ideological settlers … Read More