Poverty is About More than Choices

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There is currently an image doing the rounds on Facebook that depicts an overweight women holding two beautiful children. I won’t name the women or show the photo because I don’t know how true the story is and I don’t want to shame her here. True or not, this is the blurb that goes with the photo An obese mother-of-two … Read More

Help Us Bring Freedom for Others

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From October 6th till October 10th there is an event taking place called Live Below the Line. It’s a tough but extremely worthwhile thing to be part of. The challenge of Live Below the Line is for individuals to cover all their food and drink costs with only $2.25 (or whatever amount it correlates to in your country’s currency) per … Read More

Linda Tirado: What Drives the Choices of Poverty?

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Linda Tirado: Choices of Poverty

I want to draw your attention to an article by Linda Tirado. One of my pet hates (and I am deliberately using ‘hate’ rather than ‘peeves’ because this does invoke strong emotion for me) is the holier than thou attitude that frequently comes from people when they address the lifestyles of those trapped in poverty. What is often truly being said … Read More

Our Kids: Is the Problem Parenting or Poverty?

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Parenting or Poverty

That headline was the question being asked on TV3’s episode of The Vote last night where two teams are pitted against each other to discuss a moot. The moot of the evening was ‘Our kids: The problem’s not poverty, it’s parenting.’ As with any debate there was a team arguing in agreement with the moot and a team arguing against … Read More

TEAR Fund’s Discovery Process

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TEAR Fund's Discovery Process

One of the things we aim to do at TEAR Fund is equip churches to fulfill their mission to be ‘salt and light’ in their communities. To that end we offer a process called Discovery, that enables churches to pursue community development in their own geographical areas. TEAR Fund’s Discovery process is a gift from us to the Church and … Read More

Living off Rubbish Dumps

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Yesterday, following the launch of TEAR Fund’s latest campaign (Pay it Forward, which will be public soon) we had the opportunity to hear one of our colleagues talk about her recent experience in India. She had visited areas that I visited while I was there in 2009 and she had captured some wonderful photos showing the beauty and dignity of … Read More