Prayer: It’s Not a Tool for Effectiveness

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Pope Francis

I just read an article over at Christianity Today by Mark Galli, reviewing the recent Catalyst conference. I have to admit, I tend to groan when I hear the word ‘conference’ – I’ve developed a bias against them that is probably a little unfair and since what I do involves turning up to some of them from time to time … Read More

Psalm 25: Teach Me, for You are God

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I love the opening of Psalm 25 – “In you Lord my God, I put my trust.” Trust is an interesting concept. It involves humility. In an opening verse like that it implies some stuff. It says I don’t know everything and there are things I’m unsure about. It says there are things I can’t see in front of me … Read More

For Bombing Victims Around the World

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If you’re the praying kind, take a moment to pray for the victims of bomb blasts that have made headlines so far in April. We pray for the victims of the car bomb that went off in central Damascus, Syria, killing 19 and injuring more than 50. We pray for the victims in the bus that was hit by a … Read More

Psalm 17: Questions About King David

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I’ve been procrastinating on writing my reflection on Psalm 17 as what sparked for me wasn’t really a reflection on the Psalm but questions about David instead. My ideal is to write on the Psalm but I can’t get away from the questions that sparked for me as I read it. So here’s the deal, I’m just going to share … Read More

Psalm 13: Help!

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I like Psalm 13. I like it because it flies in the face of any nice, neat prayer formula that many people have tried to propose in books (I won’t mention Jabez) and it does away with any idea that life should be happy clappy if we’re following God. Instead it’s real and it’s honest. It’s pretty simple really, David … Read More

Are You Getting Prayer Right?

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I just read a post over at Not Ashamed of the Gospel. It’s about prayer. The basic idea in the post is that you should always put others before yourself when you pray. It offers an order for how we should prioritise things in prayer – “Father first, others second, you last.” It’s backed up by a good looking vid … Read More