Psalm 27: In the Land of the Living

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Psalm 27

In my reflections on the Psalms I have been stalled on Psalm 27 for quite some time and have been spending a lot of time looking for that nugget that really stands out. There’s a lot of good stuff in it. The structure is interesting and I really love the expressed focus of seeking God but it’s verses 13 and … Read More

Psalm 23: The Beauty of Repetition

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This reflection on Psalm 23 has next to nothing to do with the Psalm itself and everything to do with another thought it invokes for me. Psalm 23 would be one of the most well known and repeated Psalms I’ve known in my lifetime. It begins with those words many know so well “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall … Read More

Psalm 22: Contrasting Internal Feeling and External Truth

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Psalm 22 opens with the well known line echoed in the words of Jesus on the cross – “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It then continues in the same vein through the rest of the first and second verse. Verses 3-5 offer a counter thought in that they talk about how the Psalmist’s ancestors put their … Read More

Psalm 21: Turning to Praise

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Psalm 21, just like Psalm 20, was written for use by the people of Israel when they were gathered together but it makes a natural shift. Where Psalm 20 was a liturgical prayer written for the people to use together in prayer for the king, Psalm 21 offers God thanks and praise for what He has already done for the king. The … Read More

Psalm 20: Where do we Place Our Trust?

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Psalm 20 reads like a benediction for the king of ancient Israel – a liturgical prayer to be used by the community. I can imagine David coming to the temple to offer sacrifices before a war and this being sung/spoken by the community, or maybe upon the coronation of a king. It calls for the king to be heard, protected, … Read More

Psalm 19: God Declared in Silence

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I’ve been mulling over Psalm 19 all day going back to it via the NIV and The Message. I love it. It’s majestic and wonderful. It’s verses 1-4 that have really grabbed my attention though the whole Psalm pulls together as something beautiful, contrasting silence and word and bringing them together in harmony. Ultimately it’s about the Creator who reveals … Read More

Psalm 14: Treating People Like Fast Food

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Reading Psalm 14 it’s verse 4 that caught my attention and specifically The Message rendering of it. The NIV says: “Do all these evil doers know nothing? They devour my people as though eating bread; they never call on the Lord” I have to admit that I would have glossed over the verse reading it like that, but The Message … Read More