Where the Fight Against Sex Trafficking and Slavery Really Starts

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Setimaya was a victim of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. She was taken from her home in Nepal and sold to a brothel, who sold her to another brothel, who sold her to another brothel. She was repeatedly forced to have sex with men day after day after day, and if she didn’t make her ‘owners’ enough money she … Read More

A Good Way to Read and Apply the Bible

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I’m a minister, not a Bible scholar (though a minister must have some basic tools for reading, interpreting, and applying scripture) but I was involved in a discussion recently where ‘progressive revelation’ (in relation to the Bible) was used to argue the case for a changing approach to a certain hot-button issue. From what I could gather, the understanding of … Read More

A Year of Slavery

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This evening I will be presenting my last talk for the year on the issue of human trafficking and slavery, specifically, sex slavery. In my work with TEAR Fund I have done many talks throughout the year on this issue, from all girls high-school classes, through to tonight’s presentation to a Rotary Club. I’ve spoken in schools, churches, on the … Read More

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Celebrating Philemon

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In the Christian calendar today, St. Philemon is one of the saints to be celebrated. Tradition holds that Philemon was martyred in the city of Colossae in the first century – stoned to death with his wife, Apphia, by an anti-Christian mob. St. Paul’s letter to Philemon, which sits in the New Testament, was extremely brief but constituted something revolutionary … Read More

We’re a Bit Sanctimonious

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I was reading an article written on the internet yesterday by someone who was having a go at the stuff in the Old Testament of the Bible that they didn’t like and that gave them reason to therefore discredit the whole of Christianity and the Christian story of the divine. It went through the violence and seemingly inhumane laws – … Read More

Psalm 9: Natural Consequence

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In Psalm 9 there is a specific piece that stood out to me in my contemplation with the passage this morning. There are interesting discussions to be had about whether or not Psalm 9 and 10 should be considered one unit or not. The argument for unity is founded in the fact that the two work together as an acrostic … Read More