Devotional Time for the Busy Life

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Devotional Time

I’m on a mission to help people slow down and to carve out space to simply ‘be’ in a world that pulls us into constant distraction, busyness and the pursuit of elusive forms of success that involve constantly moving and chasing the things that are always just out of reach. To get there I’m a big fan of helping people … Read More

Spiritual Disciplines

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Spiritual Disciplines

Wise words from Henri Nouwen. Often we approach things like the spiritual disciplines as exercises in losing ourselves – but they’re not, they’re about opening our lives to being shaped for the true intention of our humanity, thus they bring desires into the ordered state they were intended for to help direct our lives.

Lent has Begun

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Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and marked the beginning of Lent even though, for many of us, the season really begins the day before with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday, before beginning the sombre journey of the 40 day lenten path to the cross. Ash Wednesday and the journey of Lent is something I am becoming known for and I’ve been … Read More

Disciplined Rhythms that Need Each Other

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This week I’ve gotten back on my bike to make my daily commute to and from the TEAR Fund office. It comes a month after being off it due to wanting to give my eye time to recover from surgery without subjecting it to the winter weather. Even before that though, my riding this year hasn’t been as consistent as … Read More

An Open Letter to God

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Dear God, I like to hang out with you but recently I’ve lamented with a couple of friends about how it takes discipline. You see, I know silence, prayer, absorbing the scriptures etc are good and for the most part I really enjoy them but they don’t come easily often enough. They take conscious effort and the discipline of routine. … Read More

Holy Communion and Justice

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Yesterday, after speaking at The Well in Christchurch and moving everyone into a period of silence, I facilitated Holy Communion/Eucharist. I enjoy speaking and delivering sermons. It’s always a privilege to be invited to speak anywhere and it’s an important part of what I believe I’m supposed to be doing and an important part of my work with TEAR Fund, … Read More

Psalm 3: God’s Help in Times of Trouble

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Psalm 3 is usually attributed to David in the time when he was running from his son, Absalom (2 Samuel 15), so the opening words are fitting and I’m sure this wasn’t the only time as king that he expressed the same sentiment about having many enemies. I would imagine many in high positions have thought the same thing – … Read More