A Year of Slavery

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This evening I will be presenting my last talk for the year on the issue of human trafficking and slavery, specifically, sex slavery. In my work with TEAR Fund I have done many talks throughout the year on this issue, from all girls high-school classes, through to tonight’s presentation to a Rotary Club. I’ve spoken in schools, churches, on the … Read More

Help Us Bring Freedom for Others

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From October 6th till October 10th there is an event taking place called Live Below the Line. It’s a tough but extremely worthwhile thing to be part of. The challenge of Live Below the Line is for individuals to cover all their food and drink costs with only $2.25 (or whatever amount it correlates to in your country’s currency) per … Read More

The Vanuatu Coffee Loop

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Vanuatu Coffee

I’m a fan of Havana Coffee Works. I’m a recent convert and have a small fortnightly standing order that gets tacked onto a bigger order a friend (Jacob) does with them. I let Jacob pick which beans I’ll get and this week a bag of the Vanuatu Nuclear Free (organic) beans turned up. I like to find out about my … Read More

Wipe Away Their Tears

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At TEAR Fund NZ we partner with some amazing organisations. World Concern in Sri Lanka is one of them and we’ve just kicked off a campaign to raise support for their work. I had the privilege of voicing the video for the campaign. Check it out and feel free to jump in with your support.

Halloween and Liminality Part 2

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Before you read this you need to read my post from yesterday in order to make the link with Halloween – it acts as an introduction. I wrote it as a way to give us Evangelical Christians (normally very wary of Halloween) a different way to think about it. The idea revolved around liminality – thin times and spaces created … Read More

Human Trafficking: Responding to Evil

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Human Trafficking

Recently TEAR Fund ran two events in partnership with Nvader – an organisation freeing those caught in the problem of human trafficking in the sex industry. Nvader focuses on rescue, prosecution of perpetrators and empowerment of victims. The events were fronted by Nvader’s founder, Daniel Walker. The world desperately needs people to know about the magnitude of the human trafficking … Read More