The Dalai Lama and Internet Wisdom

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I’ve noticed a trend recently. With quotes flying around the internet at a great pace and the obvious need to try and state the source, it seems that anything that sounds remotely wise but with an ambiguous origin automatically gets attributed to the Dalai Lama.

Granted, some do come from the Dalai Lama and some are mistranslations of something he actually said, but it seems strange that he has become the go-to-guy for anything considered remotely wise. Whilst I think that he says a lot of stuff worth listening to, he’s not the fountain of all internet wisdom.

A word to the wise – it’s perfectly ok to state “source unknown”. In fact, it would probably be good for us to do so because it reminds us of our own limited knowledge. There is still much for us to discover – not knowing everything means there is still lingering mystery for us to dive into. That simple recognition of something being unknown to us leaves us in the space of wonder, curiosity, searching… that childlike space within a large, dynamic universe.