Psalm 137: Unbridled Anger

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Psalm 137

Psalm 137 has some of the most recognisable lines of any of the Psalms. Its opening was made popular through the rather cheery sounds of Bony M back in the day, and its closing words are often used to demonstrate the horror of the Bible. Firstly, while I kind of like the Bony M tune for Rivers of Babylon, it … Read More

Psalm 29: God in the Thunder

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Psalm 29

Psalm 29 offers something powerful. It’s no secret that intentional and mindful silence is one of the central practices of my life. It can be too easy to associate that practice with a tame view of God – a safe view of God, and connect it to images such as those given in 1 Kings 19:12 where God is present … Read More

Psalm 28: Let it Go

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Psalm 28

The other morning I was praying and there was a frustration I needed to get out so I took the chance to lay a dark part of myself out there. I expressed to God in no uncertain terms that there was something I wasn’t happy about and I told him how I felt about those involved and what I wished … Read More

Psalm 27: In the Land of the Living

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Psalm 27

In my reflections on the Psalms I have been stalled on Psalm 27 for quite some time and have been spending a lot of time looking for that nugget that really stands out. There’s a lot of good stuff in it. The structure is interesting and I really love the expressed focus of seeking God but it’s verses 13 and … Read More

Psalm 26: Look at Me, God!

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After my initial reading of Psalm 26 I had a little thought, wondering if King David would have been diagnosed as bipolar had he been in today’s world. I don’t say that as any sort of slight on anyone, it was just a wondering. Of course, no such conclusions can be gathered from his writings but they sure go through … Read More

Psalm 25: Teach Me, for You are God

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I love the opening of Psalm 25 – “In you Lord my God, I put my trust.” Trust is an interesting concept. It involves humility. In an opening verse like that it implies some stuff. It says I don’t know everything and there are things I’m unsure about. It says there are things I can’t see in front of me … Read More